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Monday, September 29

Look #150 - How to be A Fashionable Trainer!

1 - Moschino Cotton Jersey T-Shirt with Slogan
2 - Adidas by Stella McCartney Light Leggings
3 - Unreal Fur Faux Sure Coat
4 - Adidas by Stella McCartney Weekend Backpack
5 - Adidas by Stella McCartney Pure Boost Sneakers

This is my first time  doing the imaginary #ootd hahaha anyhow, i am intentionally find that soft faux fur to be match with the shoes. then, what should i claim more about the backpack, still can't get enough of it. Goshhh i just hoping i could own all of this!

Unless you haven't knowledge about this trending yet, let me clarify that a trainer/sport shoes is one of the essential item on this season. be it pair with the sports attire itself, your casual #ootd or go smart with the long coats and cashmere !! OK will share with ya the look from various fashion bloggers on the next post yar.

Thanks for reading. Happy Tuesday! :)


Sunday, September 28

MARY KAY TimeWise Plus+™ Volu-Fill Wrinkle Corrector

Salam and Hello Monday! :(

This cast away wrinkles cream is formulated to visibly impact all 6 wrinkle zones; forehead, between the brows, around eyes and lips, smile lines and marionette lines that can frame your mouth from nose to chin!

Thanks to the power of retinol and the exclusive Volu-fill complex inside it which delivers the following benefits:

- Deliver immediate and long-term benefits
- Visible impacts all this 6 wrinkle zones
- Majority showed a decrease in the visible length, width and depth of wrinkles after use
- Immediately fills and visibly plumps wrinkles
- Targets deeps wrinkles with retinol, minimizing appearance over time

More info here

Yup i am aiming to also share the review of it as based on my reading, you could already see the result after like 3 weeks! huhu please stay tune people and thanks for reading. :)


Wednesday, September 24

Jajangggg : My Next Trip!

Salam and Happy Wondrous Wednesday!

Indeed, I am too busy now! supervising on three main things; real work, this beloved blog and jajanggg planning for my next vacation! hehe ok although i have no complaint upon either one of those three things but hey, less sleep and i just need more coffee.

So, above is absolutely an obvious hint for ya to guess on my next trip. Walawehh as written somewhere on the image above, i am going to P**** !! yup its so truth although i am myself still feel like walking in a dream but everything need to be book and confirm within this week! huhu

Errr i won't tell you in details, still playing hide and seek about this but hey, i might not be around in approximately 10 days. so, you better stay tune on this space before i slightly gone within the cloud LOL.

Thanks for reading and till then. :)


Tuesday, September 23

Wishlist : Backpack

I love it: roomy enough, boyish and zippers!

I love it: design, gold, design and gold. gosh i just fallen in love with all the MCM's design!

I love it: multifunctional, front pouch and zippers!

I love it: noncomplex, kinda drawstring shape and easy! 

I love it: gold, roomy, bulky and comfy (the strap!)

Salam and hey, i'm back with fashion! :)

haha yet this is still related with traveling. please know that my favourite kinda travel is city! haha so i'd definitely need to expect lot of walks, walk and walk again! LOL hence a backpack is one of an essential item to pack my overloaded belongings.

Why a backpack? because its so practical, roomy enough to put my Canon EOS550D inside it together with other stuff; purse, Note 3, passport, notebook, pen, sunnies, makeup/toiletry pouch and so on and so forth.

I was actually stumbled upon this Shopbop which featuring all my wishlist here. feel free to help me to decide and thanks though for reading.

And the list continue.....


Anyavee Ao Nang Bay Resort Krabi

Anyavee Ao Nang Bay Resort, Krabi

So this is our accommodation for that 2 nights in Krabi. its not really simple haha, very classy yet beautifully covered with lush tropical garden. important gist, only like 5 minutes walking distance to the Ao Nang beach and town. very convenient and affordable too. haha check the Agoda/whatsoever page to make a reservation for that special price yar. well, it was actually my buddy's pick and indeed i love it! :)

Official web



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