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Saturday, July 19

Look #144 - Life Is Too Beautiful To See My Sorrow

 Scarf from Guangzhou / HM blouse / Forever 21 Maxi Skirt

 Salam Ramadhan..  :)

Alhamdulillah as today is already the night of 23rd in which we are in the race of chasing the Lailatul Qadar insyAllah. my main concern is i do hope that all the Ibadah that i've done are being accepted by Allah SWT. they are nothing if they were being rejected since i know that i'm still left with so much of weaknesses. may Allah forgive me, my both parents, my sister, my relatives, my beloved friends and you guys as well amin..

So, this was taken at the Bagan Lalang when me and the #GengAnehAneh were having our iftar together. i was late with Mr Bedek. so, only able to capture these #ootd #WearingOnlySkirtOrLoosePant shots huhu

Well, I love this look as its simply modest yet very comfortable. nevertheless, it soften my whole appearance. hahaha. so, the top is a brand new item got at HM with only RM39.90 woot woot thanks to the recent End Season Sale! then, the skirt and scarf are being repeated over and over again but who cares, right?! hehe have a nice weekend people. :)

Photographed by EzmeeAzuan and Edited by SizzlingSuzai



courtesy of the owner

Salam Ramadhan..  :(

We are still in the midst of moving on from the devastating MH370 which is still not resolve yet, which the scar is still bleeding and which the end route is still in mystery.

Now, Allah is again testing us with the same nature of tragic, the shot down of MH17. Allahuakbar Only Allah knows the best! heard this news at 2a.m while lot of us were sleeping soundly and lot of us were busy wondering and praying for Gaza which we never expect that starting from 2 days ago, we should add another hashtag in our prayer #prayformh17 hmmm real real sad..

Ya Allah, ampunkan dosa kami. jangan kau uji kami dengan dugaan-dugaan sebesar ini lagi. tunjukkan lah jalan kebenaran kepada segala kemungkaran yang ada. semoga kami dan anak-anak kami dapat terus hidup dengan aman dan bahagia di tanah ini, Malaysia. amin..


Thursday, July 17

Hijab Tutorial Madison RNadiaStyle for Raya 2014

courtesy of the fashionista RNadia :)

Salam Ramadhan..

Alhamdulillah as tonight is already the day 20th of this Holy month. thus, the most awaited 10 nights are coming our way. lets speed up to chase the Lailatul Qadar, insyAllah.

Oh who doesn't know Raja Nadia, a famous Malaysia Fashion Blogger / Hijaber. so, no introduction needed for this lady as in fact her Pari-Pari hijab style is just a phenomenon. all the hijabers are dying for the tutorial right? hehe check her blog though as it is the top 10 post at the sidebar.

Anyhow, this tutorial is another great invention from her named as Madison style which i think would be perfect for my Raya 2014. thanks beauty for sharing and yeahh Selamat Hari Raya! =D

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Look #144 - Act Like A Tourist

Brands Outlet Scarf / HM outerwear / F21 inner / Diesel jeans / Shoes from Bandung

Salam Ramadhan.. :)

Obviously this is the sequence of the previous post, Malacca Photo Diary in which i've pending it for almost a year! it was a short gateway of me and my ex-housemate in which we were just lazily buzzing around the town and seeking for the best foods. click here for more.

Talking bout the outfit, i guess you guys already know that how much i love opting for a streetstyle kinda way. effortless, casual yet comfy. no high heels and minimalism.

Hence, thanks for reading and Happy fasting!


Tuesday, July 15

Malacca Photo Diary

Salam Ramadhan..

Malacca is so familiar with its historical stories and heritage buildings in which will always pack with students during the school holiday. as for me, i do always seek for best foods hehe hmm lets say Ikan Bakar and seafood at Umbai, countless dining places selling famous 'Asam Pedas' and that Pantai Klebang's original coconut shake are the things that you guys should hunger for when happened to be in this state. :)

Night live is another thing that excite me. strolling at the night market, Jonker Walk is compulsory as you will bump onto the Hard Rock Cafe as well. perhaps, at the other side which is not in this photo diary, you could also enjoying the neon by riding the Malacca cruise. well, search and plan for your best gateway as assuredly, Malacca is always full of excitement!

This was actually a pending post in which this visit was on the last year! hahaha i don't even remember what month anymore yet it is a memorable gateway of me and my dear ex-roommate here before we were being separated afterwards. always missing you, Wanie naget! hehe

Thanks for reading. have a blessing Ramadhan yar.



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