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Saturday, April 25

Look #180 - Adidas by Stella Mccatrney

Adidas by Stella Mccartney Sweatshirt / Bershka Jeans / Nike Trainer / Vincci Bag

"I personally love sportswear, and love using it in high fashion" Stella Mccartney

Phenomenally, lot of fashion designers have been Inspired by the athletic and urban streetwear. it is so much anticipation on my side because this theme is very near to my liking. undeniably they are effortlessly cool and well, its a day-to-night kinda style. easy huh?!

Talk about the shirt which is a special collection of Adidas in collaboration with Stella Mccartney. its an oversized garment and i'm loving the 'batwing' cutting of the sleeve. absolutely comfortable hahaha although i know those shots above clearly shown that i gain so much weight now! Goshhh i know i need more exercises hmmm.....a FATTY Suzai!!

Oh well this is one of the most pricey shirt i own as the original price is RM400+ but during my purchase it is already descended to RM200+ !! err i was actually turning over the shirt and prefer to wear the "A-S-M" at the front instead of the back. yup that ornament suppose to be the back side LOL

"Being effortless is the coolest thing in the world" Stella Mccartney

Photographed by HezlyTom and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


Thursday, April 23

Nando's Art Initiative 2015 : Live Graffiti Competition!

my own Coachella Party 2015 LOL haha
my dear friends, Q Arief and Adik Piqa Cyg!
overloaded with FREE foods and beverages
Amirul Shah 
Mohd Zulfadli 
Nurul Shahirah
Adik Cyg Kemal!
it was nice meeting you guys; Yusfariq, Zayy, Aisya and Piqa!
never fail to impress! #nofiler
Goshh what a cozy place! with Piqa and Iena and we're missing BroFramestone!
Yours truly !
Mohd Zulfadhli
the boastful 10 shortlisted artists and winners! 

22.4.15 | Rooftop Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur

Last night was such a blast when i gotta chance to chill out at the coolest event being held at the coolest venue eveh! thanks Nora for forcing inviting me to be part of the evening haha as i was about to cancel it since i have another event beforehand. that would be the reason of my late arriving and lacking of photos because everything was about to end in 30 minutes LOL

After  two whole  months of  sifting through submissions,  10 of  the top graffiti artistes, that had exhibited impeccable  talent, made their way to the final round of the Nando’s Art Initiative 2015 competition. The live showdown hosted on the rooftop of Avenue K saw each participant bring their A-game to the canvases as they immortalised their rendition of ‘Your Art. Your Story’ through vivid imagery and letters. then, only 4 winners of this competition will transcend to the next round to be possibly be crowned victor of the street art category. The Grand Finale worth up to RM85,000 will be held in Publika on this coming 27th May 2014 !

Basically, this competition is a sequence episode from the Nando's Art Initiative event that i posted up previously. These aerosol  artistes are all  highly motivated with the desire to create,  not destroy. The battle, which kicked off at sundown involved judges, Ian Cruddas, CEO of Nando’s Malaysia, Kenji Chai a formidable name in the Graffiti Art scene, Syed Nabil, Chief Advisor for Nando’s Art Initiative and the Godfather of Street Art himself, Phobia a.k.a. Bee along with hard-core partisans from the scene. Congratulation to all the winners yet for more info please visit here

Winners List:
Chong Hong Shi with her artwork entitled “Courage”
Amirul  Shah  Bin  Mumfahir  with  his  colourful  piece  entitled “Fusion”
Nurul  Syakirah  Saparudin  with  an  artwork  inspired  by  her  daughter entitled “Eating Celna”
Mohd Zulfadli bin Ahmad Nawawi the ‘Media Favourite’ entitled “I Need More”.

Anyhow, although i was there for about half and hour but seriously i just wish that i could come earlier and spending more time to capture every inch of the corners! LOL haha it was always messy when i was like juggling between photographing the event, filling up my stomach with all the free junks, chit-chatting with my dear friends (who willingly spending their time receiving my invitation. well, thanks a lot guys!) and of course admiring the stunning enormous backdrop of the Twin Towers. such a freaking awesome night! it was like picnicking under the moonlight. well, indeed i love this kinda concept hehe thanks Nora #milkpr Cyg Bucuk Macam, looking forward for the next event in here LOL

Thanks for reading guys! :) #nanadosmalaysia #nandosartinitiative2015 #nandos


OROTON Grid Collection


Oroton is a modern lifestyle brand defined by its relaxed, modern Australian approach to luxury. Ever since it was founded in  1938, the company has been synonymous with products of the highest quality and became iconic in the sixties and seventies for popularising gold and silver metallic mesh women’s accessories.  Today, Oroton has evolved to become one of the most celebrated brands on the market, building upon its reputation for luxurious, yet accessible products imbued with a strong sense of heritage and spirit. Full of magical details and unexpected flourishes, Oroton’s uniquely Australian expression of affordable luxury is resonating with customers all over the world.


Largely inspired by architecture, The Grid Collection demonstrates essential symmetry, with clear emphasis on sculptural shapes and clean lines. Adopting the way architects approach design has resulted in a collection that pays attention to the details, fro m volume to line to scale.

Prices range from RM105 for an Iphone Cover to RM1,260 for the 1938 Medium Barrel Bag. See the full collection in all 3 colours (Moss, Cement and Real Blue) in Oroton Stores at Pavilion, KLCC, The Gardens, 1 Utama and Parkson Gurney Plaza in Penang. Available in stores from 22 April.


Wednesday, April 22

Sandra Azwan Resort 2015/2016 Menswear Fashion Show

with the man himself Mr Sandra Azwan :)

21.04.15 | Segaris Arts, Publika

Yesterday i was invited to witness a new collection from our local emerging young talented designer, Sandra Azwan. yup its a menswear whereas its an universal collection as per claimed by the designer himself. this new limited edition line is inspired by athletic and urban streetwear which my focus is totally on the bold and eye-catching sweaters! here some that successfully captured by my Canon whilst lot of other enchanting designs can be seen/order at the

The abstract mechanism in these designs most certainly unraveling as it is not possible to look past these designs and brush it off as something merely unusual. At the first look, the construction for each design seems to be simple, flawless, clean shapes and complimenting patterns all making the silhouette an enthralling and remarkable aspect oft he collection. While, it has been done before in his previous work, Sandra Azwan proves to be unpredictable while maintaining his very own fashion DNA (because geometrical embellishment is just his thingy!)

When asked of the things that inspire him in this particular collection, Sandra Azwan had confessed of his love for architecture and the joy of meticulously fusing different elements together, giving birth to a greater definition from the coalescing inspiration. The composition of carefully constructed panels into the fabric are no easy feat, given that each lines and borders are intricately sewed to create a lean architectural designs with brazen colours, melding opposites theme together which lead to a stupendous blend of firm gravity and a sense of gallantry, enhanced by geometric boundaries.

again, me with Abg Najim! (Nazim Othman!)
oh oh who doesn't wanna don his design? finally met Hatta Dolmat :)
the Mr.Stylista haha naseb baik tak dapat opps dari Bro Ayie ni omg! LOL 
with Mr Sandra and my Best Best Buddies, Iqmal and Hezly :)

As usual, attending a fashion show is just so fascinating! admiring the designer's works while being in that ambiance is so fun for me. then, meeting new people, widening the networks and mingling with the local celebrities are just beyond excitement. congratulation Sandra for the outstanding show and of course my dear Yusfariq for inviting. guys, wait no more as the pre-order of this LIMITED EDITION was already started on the last 10th April 2015. hence, head to the official page to order yours!



Tuesday, April 21

Sizzling Suzai X Nazim Othman

Abg Najim.....



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