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Monday, October 13

Look #153 - Cowgirl

Borrowed Hat / HM Scarf / GUESS Denim Jacket / Dress from Bali / Bershka Jeans / 
Boots from Bandung / Samsung Galaxy Gear / Charles&Keith Bag

When i received this invitation which stated cowboy/cowgirl as the theme, i was like 'OK cowboy boots!' Unfortunately, i don't have one but thank gadddd, i've purchased that GUESS jacket few weeks before. so, denim blend with some brown garments is just already too cowboy for me haha

Accidentally, that sleeveless maxi dress is matching the whole things very well. yup i tied that knot at the end as it is actually too long for the petite me haha nevertheless, i love seeing how stylish it appears. love it!

OK then, thanks guys for sneaking up onto this blog. don't know when will be my next update as today at 3.15am i will fly to Heathrow, London. insyAllah please pray for my safety yar. hehe keep on following and visiting. Muuahhh! :)

Photographed by my dear AdrianaThani and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


GUESS Nashville Most Wanted Private Event

Dotters' Division is dem cool, try to listen to 'em if you have the chance! ig @dotterdivision :)
how can a cowboy live without a checkered?
a denim romper, ada beran? lol
oh we love this faux fur!
don't know but that skirt is hmmm...
hahha he is hot but that pose was just errr..anyhow the shoes is killer!
knit kinda jacket, cool!
HOT LBD on a HOT lady with a HOT leather jacket!
sesat! LOL 
the gorgeous celebrities who put on the gorgeous Guess
with the #gohardandgostan Hunny Madu :)
hehe my crush of the night, Henleyhii hehehe
my babes; Adriana and Sab :)
we're just soooo into it! haha =D
Salam and Hey Denim Addict!

Well, i do always believe that a GREAT pair of jeans can simply transform you ordinary top into a fashionable one. you just need to know your own body! indeed, GUESS is definitely one of a big name in this denim industry and therefore, i feel so honored to be part of GUESS MY. again, thanks for the recent GUESS Blogger Awards 2014, this invitations and yup, all the gifts.

Basically this event is to showcase a new collection called GUESS Nashville Most Wanted 2014 Collection. a simple fashion show was happened in between, a great band, Dotters' Division was so entertaining and nice food and beverages being served throughout the evening. yup we're having FUN! :)



Sunday, October 12

My #ootd For Upcoming Vacation

Salam and Happy Sunday!

Yeaahhhh i'm fully in the mood of vacation! this FALL collection are definitely an awe-inspiring for me though. yup my next trip would be at a country with a fall season now. heard from my friend that the highest temperature is only 10 degree. Wow can't wait! haha coz this is obviously my first time travelling in a 4 seasons country and outside of Asia!

Well, i am quite struggling doing some preparations on the cost and hahaha the #ootd for that 10 days! i already doubled-up my travel backpack to a 85L size. hopefully, it will not be overloaded soon when i came back from the trip. hehe

OK i need to go and pack! hehe Thanks for visiting peeps. :)


Look #154 - Masculin Feminin

Scarf from WifeyCEO / Unknown Blazer / Reebok Shirt from lazada / Bershka Jeans / HM boots

This is how i'm interpreting the Masculine-Feminin kinda style. well, the highlight is that menswear garment, a boy's blazer which i stole at the room. haha sorry don't know the brand and even who's the owner! hahaha LOL

Well more about the top; please visit lazada-women-clothing for variety of choices. thanks as well to my cousin for complimenting me with that pretty square scarf. a very nice prints. will zoom out on the next time yar.

A bit about my hectic life now. as usual, too busy dealing with the works, blogging world and hehe my next trip which will happen very very soon. so hopefully i could finish some of the blogging task beforehand. thanks for visiting peeps! :)

Photographed by my dear AdrianaThani


Thursday, October 9

STYLE to steal : Urban Cowgirl

Salam Jumu'ah and TGIF!

This research is happened because i have an event on tonight which comes with the theme as mentioned, Cowgirl! hence all these looks are just so inspiring and yet wearable.

anyhow, the conclusion that i have in this mind is you may just need EITHER one of these 5 items to nail the look;

1) Denim jacket blends with some khaki/brown garments
2) Boots (yup a cowboy kinda boots)
3) Hat (not a fedora of course!)
4) A big bulky belt! embellished with the turquoise stone would be a brilliant choice
5) Frizzy Fringe! :)

Photo are courtesy of the owner.



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